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14 October 2005

What's on: October 2005

What's on: October 2005

arch-peace in Turkey:
Architects for Peace president Beatriz Maturana was in Turkey for three weeks over the end of September and while there, she was keen to contact arch-peace local members A. Ozge Ozdamar and Burak Haznedar. It is very exciting to report that Ozge (in Ankara) and Burak (in Istanbul) are now acting as regional co-ordinators and representatives for arch-peace's European members.

The idea of running IntentCITY in Instanbul was also tossed around as a future possibility. Such an idea opens up the further possibility of IntentCITY becoming a moving stage for discussions run by arch-peace around the globe through a growing network of regionally based arc-peace members. We would love to hear responses from our members, both international and interstate, about this idea.

Ozge and Burak expressed the overwhelming hospitality of Turkey, showing Beatriz those parts of their respective cities and the society that take a life time to experience. Beyond and before the media distortions, to strength of history, the expression of culture and humanity and the sheer vibrancy and interest in life makes Istanbul, Ankara and the myriad of diverse cities and towns such powerful places. (photos: top: Istanbul waterfront, bottom: YaYa, Istanbul Pedestrian Exhibition)

Architects for Peace in Brisbane:
AFP now has a Coordinator in Brisbane after a meeting between Shelley Freeman (Victoria) and Steven Cameron (Queensland) in Melbourne late in September. The East Coast will have active members in each state and this offers the opportunity for joint campaigns and the momentum needed to lead change in the urban/political environment.

Art, Design and Craft Biennial in Brisbane 28th – 30th October: Beatriz Maturana and Anthony McInneny have been invited to attend the Art, Design and Craft Biennial (check out their website Beatriz will be on a panel to discuss Sustainability in Design along with Brit Andreson, Tony Fry and Cameron Tonkinwise. Anthony will be on a panel with Timothy Hill and Jay Younger to discuss Public Space: Art and Urban Planning. That they have been invited to participate is wholly as a consequence of IntentCITY Melbourne, which attracted the attention of the Biennial organizers. This is a great achievement for Beatriz and Anthony and the AfP team who organized the event held last November!

Arch-peace has now been accepted as a member of the umbrella group ArcPeace that report to the Economic and Social Council of the UN. We are seen as a vital new member of their organization primarily through our vibrant website and public forums such as IntentCITY. Below an shortened version of ArcPeace's welcome.

Beatriz and Architects for Peace Australia,

Sorry for the delay in an answering your email of 4 May. Don’t think that we have forgotten you. We have just had a prolonged summer vacations. We have also waited for the Board of ARC-PEACE to approve your membership. Of course, it was approved. Thus I want to welcome you as a member of ARC-PEACE.

I am glad that you have been in touch with our veteran members Tony Watkins and Kate Macintosh. They certainly know about our history and present situation. Thank you for your document IntentCITY and information about the workshop ‘Under construction’. This is the type of activities we should have more of in ARC-PEACE.

(...) I also think that one can say that ARC-PEACE is anti-mainstream. We want the big professional organisations to do more on environmental and ethical issues. (...) With the Charter and the Mission Statement as a basis we want to attract many professionals into our network and serve as a forum for critical debate on current professional issues. (....)

Dick Urban Vestbro
Co-chair of ARC-PEACE

Community Center into a Larger C ommunity Hospice:
Arch-peace member Karen Tanfield is recently back from a trip to Sth Africa where she met up with the people of the township of Iziko Lobomi, Hout Bay, Cape Town to express her interest as a member of AfP in helping them in efforts to build their community center into a larger community hospice. Karen contacted the Architecture Department of the University of Cape Town, plus local architects committed to helping this desperately under-resourced community to raise the possibility of our co-ordinating effort to outsource as much of the work as possible to us.

‘Under-contruction’ reconstruction workshop :
member, please support our up-coming ‘Under-contruction’ reconstruction workshop to be held Saturday 22nd October starting 2pm at RMIT building 50.
Cost: $15 / free for paid members and students

The line-up is something not to be missed!!

City Co-ordinators:
We are looking for a Sydney based co-ordinator as we have a large membership base in Sydney. No reason why IntentCITY 2 couldn’t happen in Sydney!!

Annual General Meeting
All members invited to attend. We will try to organise a web access for members outside Melbourne to participate.

11 AM, October 23
Melbourne, RMIT Building 50, Orr Street, (perpendicular to Victoria St. between Cardigan and Lygon Streets, Melway 43 H6). Melway 43 H6, click here for map

Welcome to all our new members in Nigeria, Sydney, Montenegro, Peru, Melbourne and Turkey !


Anonymous said...

There was a time when communities would seek counsel from the elders. More experience usually translated into lessons learned. Having picked up a pearl of wisdom here and there over the years, I am now able to share a thought or two. The main lesson is to never stop learning. Seeking other points of view and new ideas like visiting your blog are steps in the right direction. Finding what is ultimately important leads one to appreciate actuality, efficiency and mindfulness. Helping others to see some of the forest through the trees is its own reward. happy thought

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