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22 February 2016

Architects for peace vision, goals and theme for 2016

Architects for peace is a humanitarian, not for profit professional organisation for architects, urban designers, engineers, planners, landscape architects and environmentalists, seeking urban development based on social justice, solidarity, respect and peace. The organisation was established in the weeks preceding the bombing and occupation of Iraq in 2003. Our aim was to prevent Australian involvement in this war. Today we have members from all over the world.

Architects for peace steering Committee is comprised of young professionals of the built environment who are from Afghanistan, Australia, France, Hungary, Iran, Italy and Malaysia. This is a very dynamic and committed group of young activists for social justice through the built environment. The Committee of Management meetings are held once a month, and the organisation's key activities and ideas are reviewed and discussed at a macro level.

Architects for peace strategic plan was launched in 2014. Our vision as mentioned in the strategic plan document is: Urban spaces that are planned, designed and used in the interests of social equity and environmental protection.
This vision is followed by four high-level goals:
Goal 1: Further build a strong, sustainable and internationally connected organisation.
Goal 2: Promote and defend sustainable and resilient urban environments.
Goal 3: Contribute to establishing and maintaining more inclusive public spaces.
Goal 4: Stand up for quality affordable housing and the right to shelter.

Keeping in mind the vision and goals of the organisation we would like to look at the issues related to built environment from a different perspective this year. We have introduced “Youth Activism” as our theme for 2016 and we will try to investigate the relationship between youth activism and the man-made surroundings that provide the setting for human activity.

Architects for peace is a global organisation, we like to hear about the issues related to built environment in your country. You can become a member and start working with us from anywhere in the world. If you are interested to get involved contact us by sending an email to :

Targol Khorram


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Great to see such a committed team! All the best for this year.

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